Dinner was an easy enough riddle to solve when I lived by myself. I’d make what I wanted when I wanted. (Mostly just this Stir-Fry Rice Bowl on repeat.) But now that I live with my boyfriend, supper’s a little less simple. We have multiple food sensitivities and preferences to consider. And that’s not to mention the fact that we’re buying and cooking double what we’re used to. This adds up, both in time commitment and cost, which is why Dinnerly reviews initially piqued my interest.

The meal kit service claims to be affordable and flexible, but is it really? I tested it to see how it performs—and how it compares to some of my other favorites, Marley Spoon and Rachael Ray Home Chef meal kits.

What is Dinnerly?

Dinnerly is a meal kit delivery service specializing in so much more than just dinner. Like some other services, such as HelloFresh, Dinnerly has branched into breakfasts and lunches. Even so, the company remains true to what it does best: serving up hearty entrees, such as the Apricot-Glazed Harissa Chicken and Seared Cheddar Bratwurst that I received, for as low as $4.99 per serving.

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Dinnerly Meal Kit Features

Each week, you choose from a list of more than 100 customizable recipes, labeled with helpful signifiers such as “low-cal,” “easy cleanup” and “no chop.” You can also filter by tags including “kid-friendly,” “one pot meal” and “healthy,” making this a great meal service option for families, specifically.

I was so impressed by the wealth of selections. Almost every meal has an alternative to suit your tastes. For example, there’s an Oklahoma-style smash burger available with either ground beef or ground turkey. The same goes for the oven-baked taquitos. This is so genius because it let me, as a customer, feel like I had control over my meal planning, even when using a service with a preset menu.

In each insulted box of hand-picked suppers, you’ll find all the makings you need for your meals (save a few staples such as olive oil or salt and pepper). Each box can contain as few as two meals for two people or as many as six meals for four people, depending on your needs.

According to Dinnerly reviews, the brand utilizes as little packaging as possible to save paper. All ingredients for all meals arrive intermixed with one another, so you’ll need to set aside some time to sort them. And don’t expect printed recipe cards to guide you! Dinnerly asks that you use its app or website to access the recipes and instructions.

The chock-full online recipe pages include a description of the recipe, cooking time, level of difficulty, allergens, nutritional information, list of ingredients and tools, step-by-step instructions and a photo of the completed recipe.

How I Tested It


My Dinnerly box arrived on a Tuesday morning, but I didn’t have time to prepare the meals until Thursday and Friday. Despite this, the produce and other ingredients remained in tip-top shape. Apron on and ready to go, I sifted through the ingredients to separate those for the Apricot-Glazed Harissa Chicken from those for the Seared Cheddar Bratwurst.

To do so, I referred to the recipes on the website (I’m not one for phone apps). I was so excited to see name-brand fixings, like Bonne Maman preserves (a favorite of our Test Kitchen) and Schaller & Weber bratwurst, items I might not even splurge on at the supermarket. The brats and potato salad were estimated to take me between 20 and 30 minutes, and in all, I needed 34 minutes to get them on the table. Not too bad!


I will note that one of the excluded ingredients was red wine vinegar, meaning you needed to have some at home, and I’m not sure I’d consider that a universal pantry staple. Plus, the list of tools wasn’t comprehensive. The recipe page stated I’d need a microwave, rimmed baking sheet and skillet, but I also used knives, a cutting board, a microwave-safe dish, mixing bowls and more to dice the vegetables, chop the dill, cook the potatoes, prep the sauces and sear the sausages. All of these steps were clearly outlined for me on the recipe webpage.

For this dish, the homemade sauces made all the difference. I’m a major horseradish fan, so the creamy drizzle for the brats knocked it out of the park, and the dill dressing for the potato salad was tangy to the nines. They were incredibly simple to stir together, but nothing was quite as simple as microwaving the potatoes. Genius! As instructed, I popped the cubes into the microwave and then broiled them in the oven. This first step made certain the Dinnerly reviews delivered on their promise of a speedy supper.

Although I could’ve done without quite so much dressing on the salad and quite so much food on my plate overall, the dinner was absolutely delicious. It was filling, fancy-feeling and foolproof. It was as close to a 10 out of 10 as they come!

I have equally complimentary things to say about the chicken dish. It was incredibly straightforward and took me the allotted time of around 30 minutes. This restaurant-quality entree would be the perfect elevated weeknight meal. Plus, I really appreciated that the zucchini (and the potatoes from the last recipe) were loose within the box because it reduced the amount of waste. Produce doesn’t need plastic packaging!


Zero food waste
Accurate preparation times
Fresh, oftentimes name-brand ingredients
Sizable portions
Delicious final results
Eco-conscious packaging


No hardcopy recipe cards
Ingredients arrive loose in box and require sorting
More cleanup than some competitors


How much does Dinnerly actually cost?

The weekly price of Dinnerly varies depending on the amount of meals and servings you purchase. The price will incrementally decrease the more you buy. For example, two meals for two people cost just over $44 per week, which equals about $8 per portion, plus $12 shipping. Six meals for four people, however, cost around $132 per week, which means each meal costs $5, plus $12 shipping.

Does Dinnerly have healthy options?

Yes, Dinnerly has healthy options, and thankfully, it’s very easy to identify them. When ordering, keep an eye out for tags pertaining to carbs, calories, gluten and dairy content, vegan or vegetarian status and more.

Is Dinnerly owned by Marley Spoon?

Yes, Dinnerly is owned by the same company as Marley Spoon, Martha Stewart’s meal kit service. It’s no wonder we love them equally!

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Much like Mosaic and Green Chef, Dinnerly has garnered a big fanbase, and members shout their love online in their Dinnerly reviews.

One reviewer of the Tortellini Marinara with Pesto & Parm said, “If you can boil water, you can easily make this meal.” I’m not sure what could better underscore the simplicity of Dinnerly’s meals and recipe instructions.

If you’re not naturally inclined in the kitchen, fear not! A reviewer of the Chicken Shawarma Pita with Sour Cream, which is flaunted as a “no chop” meal, called it “the perfect low-effort meal for the exhausted and unmotivated.”

And TikToker @kaylenamichellex enjoyed her Dinnerly meals so much, she created a whole series of Dinnerly reviews and videos about them. In this review of the Beef and Green Bean Stir-Fry, she gives the dinner a 10 out of 10 and says it was “super easy to make” and expresses pleasant surprise at the portion sizes.

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Product Comparison

Meal delivery services are here to stay, and because of that, there are now tons saturating the market. The most obvious comparison is to Marley Spoon, which is owned by the same company as Dinnerly.

Dinnerly seems to be the affordable option of the two, as the cheapest meals on Marley Spoon cost nearly $9. The meals on Dinnerly, though categorized with similar tags and labels, do appear to be a bit more elementary, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

We could also compare Dinnerly to other services, such as Green Chef. Green Chef, unsurprisingly based on its name, focuses on sustainability by offsetting 100% of delivery emissions and 100% of plastic in each box. That being said, Dinnerly did create less waste, including less food waste, than Green Chef.

Green Chef is also significantly more expensive than Dinnerly and even Marley Spoon. The cheapest meals are $12 per serving. Plus, there are fewer menu items each week, and I found the quoted cooking times to be less accurate.

Final Verdict

The Dinnerly reviews are in! Although it’s been a while since I’ve considered subscribing to a meal delivery service long-term, Dinnerly just might be the one to get me to do it. The customization options are unparalleled, and the recipes are so delicious. Of the handful of meal kits I’ve tested from various services, the Seared Cheddar Bratwurst was a standout.

Plus, the numbers don’t lie. Dinnerly is shockingly inexpensive. Unlike many competitors, it actually costs similar to what a weekly grocery run would. (Peep these meal kit sales!) I can confidently say Dinnerly is a kid-friendly meal service, ideal for small families and couples, who are looking to spice up suppertime and cut down on food waste—all while sticking to a budget.

Where to Buy Dinnerly

Purchase your first box directly from the Dinnerly website for between $44 and $132 and consider the dinner dilemma solved!

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