When we can’t indulge in European summers, we reach for the next best thing, an Aperol Spritz. The bubbly Italian cocktail has remained the drink of the summer the past few years. (In part due to its countless appearances in Season 2 of The White Lotus, which reportedly boosted American Aperol sales by 50% in 2022). They’re fruity and refreshing. What can be better on a sweltering sunny day?

With the chill of autumn arriving, we’ve sadly had to say goodbye to the signature fizz of the orange cocktail, along with other fave poolside drinks. That is, until we discovered a new seasonal twist on the beverage: a fall Aperol Spritz! The TikTok creation unsurprisingly caught our attention.

Grab a cinnamon stick and a wine glass. Aperol Spritzes are no longer limited to summer, so we’re turning on our fall-favorite Meg Ryan movies and making a glass immediately.

What is a fall Aperol Spritz?

A fall Aperol Spritz takes out the Prosecco and instead swaps it for cinnamon and pear juice. The result? An unbeatable fall cocktail rendition. Thanks to this TikTok treasure, we can bring the traditionally summer cocktail across seasons.

How to Make a Fall Aperol Spritz

This viral recipe comes to us via lifestyle TikTok creator, Bailey Marshall. Bailey’s fall Aperol Spritz video certainly caught the eye of Aperol Spritz enthusiasts. Her video currently has over 2 million views and 160,000 likes.

Several in the comments noted how stunning the drink was. “Taking notes,” one user wrote. That’s where we come in to take notes so you don’t have to. Here’s how to make the cocktail you’ll be serving at fall functions all season long.

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Ice2 ounces Aperol2 ounces pear juiceCinnamonOrange sliceSugarPear sliceSparkling wineSparkling waterCinnamon stick


Step 1: Add ingredients to cocktail shaker and shake

First, in a cocktail shaker, add a few ice cubes, 2 ounces of Aperol, 2 ounces of pear juice and sprinkle some cinnamon. Seal the shaker and “shake baby” as Bailey says.

Step 2: Prepare the Aperol Spritz glass

Grab a wine glassor any drinking glass of your choiceand rim it with an orange slice. Then create a combo of sugar and cinnamon on a plate to dip the orange-rimmed glass with. This will give the glass a nice fall touch. Add in ice.

Step 3: Garnish, finalize and serve

Pour in the contents from the cocktail shakerthe consistency should be a vibrant orangealong with a sliced pear that settles nicely on the ice. Top this fashionable drink off with some sparkling wine and water (Bailey uses San Pellegrino). Fittingly, add a cinnamon stick into the delight for an extra fall feel.

And voil! Serve this Aperol Spritz with a twist at Thanksgiving and any fall gathering for the perfect cozy cocktail.

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