Put on your cozy sweater and start savoring all things pumpkin spice, because it is officially time to get excited about fall flavors. The latest seasonal craze with a cult following can be found in the bakery section of Trader Joe’s, and it is so popular, some locations actually put a limit on the number you can buy.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Kringle Is Back

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If you have never had a kringle before, let us fill you in on the world’s best breakfast/dessert/midnight snack. It is a large ring-shaped Danish pastry with a flavored filling and a frosted top. Typically, this classic pastry might be filled with cream cheese or cherries, but this time of year you can buy a version that is prepared with a salted caramel and pumpkin filling.

The pastry is made by O&H Danish Bakery of Racine, WI. They are the best in the business when it comes to Danish kringles, and this is one of the very few non-private label items Trader Joe’s carries in its stores. If they are willing to break policy, it must be worth it. Upon entering the bakery section of Trader Joe’s, look for a large, flat bag with a Danish flag and a hungry viking on the front, then you will know you have found it.

These treats are so popular because they are filled with everything we have come to love this time of year—pumpkin, spices and caramel, all wrapped in a croissant-like flaky pastry blanketed in a sweet glaze and topped with pecans. It is everything we crave this time of year.

When can I get a Trader Joe’s pumpkin kringle?

The pumpkin kringle has become a huge hit for Trader Joe’s. So much so, there are Instagrammers who inform their followers as to when the store might release the seasonal flavor, and even entire threads on Reddit dedicated to when these might hit store shelves.

Ultimately, these seasonal kringles are a limited supply, so head on over to Trader Joe’s and get them now while you still can. But be careful, some shoppers report back that stores are limiting purchases to two kringles per customer. A Trader Joe’s 24-ounce kringle costs $9.99, so this is a seasonal treat that can feed a crowd and won’t break the bank.

For those of you who bemoan that there isn’t a Trader Joe’s near you, don’t worry. O&H also sells their pumpkin kringles online and will ship directly to your home for $23.99.

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