TikTok has birthed hundreds of bizarre food creations—some tastier than others. At this point, it can feel like we’ve seen it all: popcorn salad, dirty martini pasta and even pizza French toast. Now, TikTok food influencer Sami Schnur (@thenaughtyfork) is blowing our minds once again with her unique take on breakfast. In a video she posted in March, she explains her creation of the “Crème Brûléegle,” a sweet, three-ingredient treat. Here’s everything to know about the “crème brûléegle,” including what it is, how to make it and how it tastes. Let’s get cooking!

What Is the Creme Brulee Bagel?

First things first, the term “Crème Brûléegle” is a portmanteau of “creme brulee” and “bagel” (albeit with a reversed “le”). Schnur crafts the viral TikTok recipe from a plain bagel, whipped Philadelphia cream cheese and turbinado cane sugar, and touts it as the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Schnur explains her inspiration behind the recipe, saying, “I love sweet cream cheese on my bagels and I didn’t have any at home, so this was my alternative.”

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How Is the Creme Brulee Bagel Made?

Schnur creates the creme brulee bagel by first cutting a bagel in half, spreading the cream cheese over it and then pouring turbinado sugar all over the top. She uses a spoon to spread the sugar evenly, making a solid centimeter-deep layer of sugar. Then, she whips out a kitchen torch, acknowledging that many don’t have torches in their house and they’re “kind of annoying,” but assuring you can get them for cheap on Amazon. She then torches the sugar “until it becomes brown, kind of like a creme brulee.”

What Does the Creme Brulee Bagel Taste Like?

According to Schnur, the creme brulee bagel yields “a nice soft chewy bagel underneath with whipped cream cheese that’s a little salty” and a “layer of crispy crunchy sugar on top. And it’s perfect.” So, I decided to make the creme brulee bagel myself.

Unlike Schnur, I decided to toast my bagel first for maximum crispiness. I also used regular cream cheese instead of whipped cream cheese and brown sugar instead of turbinado sugar, since that is what I had on hand. To my delight, the creme brulee bagel was remarkably easy to make, and the torching took less than a minute—and delighted my inner pyromaniac!

The resulting bagel tasted ultra-creamy and a little sweet. The caramelized sugar offered a depth that made the cream cheese taste even more luxurious, almost like a cheesecake. Rich and melty, this recipe definitely delivered on the minimal effort it required to make it. However, I couldn’t enjoy this breakfast every day. For one, I prefer savory breakfasts and for two, it just couldn’t keep me full until lunch. But if you’re looking for a special occasion indulgence, the creme brulee bagel certainly satisfies. I’d also happily opt for these other breakfast recipes that are secretly desserts or these super-indulgent breakfasts.

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