Of all the things to love about s’mores, the fact that they can be enjoyed all year long certainly makes the list. Whether around the fire pit in summer, or as a warm, gooey treat on fall and winter nights, s’mores hit the spot no matter the season.

While a typical s’more—graham crackers with marshmallows and chocolate in between—is a timeless classic, there are plenty of new ways to make s’mores too. Some of which are innovative and extraordinarily tasty in a single bite.

Our love for this simple trio of ingredients is why we’re bringing back a 2022 viral s’mores sensation that, if you missed out on last year, you need to try immediately. Once we get into this dip, you’ll see why this s’mores variation was, and remains, so popular.

S’mores Dip Recipe

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Not only is this dip delicious, it’s also simple and straightforward to make. Here’s how you can create s’mores dip:


Chocolate bars
Graham crackers, for dipping


Step 1: Prep the chocolate

Grab a glass baking dish or aluminum pan and fill the bottom with chocolate. The amount can be to your liking—especially if you’re a chocolate lover who wants to pack as much in there as possible—just make sure there’s enough room for the marshmallows.

Step 2: Top with marshmallows

Then, fill the pan with a bag of marshmallows—if you want a recommendation, this is our pick for the best marshmallows. Transfer to an oven set at 350°F for around five minutes, or until those marshmallows are golden brown and melting into the chocolate. Dig in with a spoon or grab a box of graham crackers for dipping.

Tips for Making S’mores Dip

So how does one perfect this dessert dip? We’ve got some tips to help you out when it comes to making this s’mores delight.

Can you reheat s’mores dip?

Yes! You can reheat s’mores dip. Just pop it into the oven at 350° for five minutes and it’s as gooey and good to go as ever.

Can you make s’mores dip in the microwave?

You can make s’mores dip in the microwave to speed up the process. Place some chocolate and marshmallows in a bowl or dish and put the microwave on high for 15 to 30 seconds.

Another s’mores dip alternative? Try using the air fryer at 350° for around five minutes too.

Is there a Peeps s’mores dip recipe?

If you want to make this s’mores dip into an adorable concoction, you can also create a Peeps s’mores dip recipe! It’s a smaller, simpler, version of the original s’mores dip, but no less delicious. And with Halloween coming up, we recommend opening a pack of Halloween peeps to get you started.

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