Get ready for better brunches, because we’ve found a clever breakfast essential that’s quickly becoming one of the most popular kitchen gadgets on Amazon. The Ayesha Curry Enamel Bacon Grease Container offers one of the best ways to dispose of grease without actually wasting it, and helps home chefs cut down on waste.

What is a bacon grease container?

Anyone who has ever cooked bacon at home knows the initially fatty strips tend to curl up and leak their natural fats as they cook. Not saving that salty, smoky grease is one of the worst bacon mistakes you can make because it’s basically kitchen gold. Seasoned chefs love using these especially flavorful bacon drippings in other recipes for adding depth to roasted veggies, macaroni and cheese and other home-cooked favorites.

A bacon grease container like this bestselling enamel version allows you to store the leftovers until you figure out what to do with your extra bacon grease and which treasured recipes to add it to. The four-inch diameter offers a size that’s compact enough to fit neatly in your fridge or on the countertop, and a mouth that’s wide enough for most cooking utensils including standard ladles.

The container holds roughly two and a half cups of bacon grease, which means you’ll have more than enough bacon flavoring on hand for roasted dishes, veggies and more. The enamel lid and tough handle also make it a sturdy countertop tool that blends seamlessly with other trendy farmhouse decor items you may already have. It also comes in a range of colors that flatter just about any kitchen.

How to Use a Bacon Grease Container

It couldn’t be easier to use a bacon grease container, and that’s one of the many reasons people can’t stop adding them to their Amazon carts. Simply cook your favorite bacon and pour the excess grease into the enamel container. Some reviewers report finding the most success pouring through a strainer to collect crumbles that may break off along the way, and repurposing them as delicious bacon bits afterwards. After filling your container, you’ll want to store this essential kitchen tool in your fridge till you’re ready to use it.

This clever tool’s usefulness isn’t limited to just bacon grease, though. Some reviewers report swapping it for other expensive and hard-to-find meat drippings like duck or lamb fat that can later be added to dishes like mashed potatoes or homemade schawarma.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

With over 15,000 ratings and a 4.6-star average, the Ayesha Curry Enamel Bacon Grease Container is one of Amazon’s most popular kitchen products.

“Maybe everyone doesn’t save their bacon fat, but my grandma always taught me to,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Chantel. “It makes eggs so much more delicious—and other foods too. I initially bought one for my niece. I sent her a bunch of little things for her new house. She was so excited about this it tickled me. I have a recycled glass jar I have been using for years, which is so ugly on the cooktop. I understand why my niece was so pleased, it looks so much better than the jar. The enamel is beautiful. I know I could have continued to use my ugly jar, but I really appreciate how much nicer this looks.”

Another verified Amazon purchaser, Ashley, says this product is a “Game-changer when you’re frying up some eggs for breakfast or brussels spouts for dinner. [It] adds extra flavor into your dishes. It’s super convenient and easy to use, not to mention a cute design. The lid does not have a rubber seal and closes loosely, but it’s enough to keep it fresh and prevent anything from falling into it.”

Where to Buy This Bacon Grease Container

For now, this odd-but-useful home product is an Amazon-only purchase. The bestselling Ayesha Curry bacon grease container retails just under $15 and comes in five neutral farmhouse-perfect colors that are sure to look gorgeous on any countertop. If you want one, you’ll need to add one to your cart quickly though—popular colors are selling quickly each day and may sell out ahead of the holidays.

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