As a shopping editor, I’ve tested and written about a treasure trove of smart kitchen products from an adjustable measuring cup that dramatically pared down my baking tools to a collapsible baking rack that offered three times more cookie-cooling space.

But the best baking gadget I’ve tested has to be my Prepworks dry goods storage containers for their smart features like an included flour leveler and brown sugar saver.

So when I saw the brand released a new and improved container ideal for keeping cookies or brownies as fresh as the day they were baked, I had to get my hands on it. It’s called a cookie saver, and it’s the perfect addition to your pantry storage containers ahead of the holiday baking season.

What is a cookie saver?

At first glance, the ProKeeper+ cookie saver looks like any ordinary baking storage container. Don’t be fooled because it’s so much more than a boring plastic food container. The cookie storage container is complete with an airtight seal to keep baked goods from drying up too fast. But the real kicker is the included terracotta stone that actively keeps cookies and brownies moist.

It’s basically a brown sugar bear—but for baked goodies. All you have to do is wet the terracotta stone, lock it in place and cookies stay as chewy and moist as the day they were baked. Bonus: Reviewers note it keeps bread soft for about three days longer compared to ordinary bread storage methods.

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Why I Love It

I said it once and I’ll say it again: The star of the show is the terracotta stone that completes this cookie storage container. It’s this thoughtful feature that fellow bakers can’t stop talking about because it not only keeps everything from cookies and marshmallows to brownies and bread moist, but delectably chewy even on day five.

After all, it takes hours to master your cookie recipe, so you might as well find a storage solution that helps you enjoy them long after they pop out of the oven. File it under sweet yet practical gifts for cookie bakers ahead of your next holiday cookie swap.

But Don’t Take My Word For It!

“I’ve used this now for a few batches of cookies and they taste just like the day I made them!” raves verified Amazon reviewer, Brianna. “If you love to bake, get these.”

“The cookie storage container does exactly what it says it will do,” writes King Arthur Baking reviewer, Pamela D. “It holds about three dozen cookies. Cookies stay fresh and chewy for days. We bought another container for the holiday cookies. Good quality and the lock holds tight for an air-tight seal.”

King Arthur Baking reviewer, Laurie S., adds, “This cookie container is wonderful! One week after making peanut butter cookies, the few remaining were as fresh as day one. No more thrown-out, stale cookies for us.”

Where to Buy a Cookie Storage Container

Trust me, you’ll want to grab your own cookie storage container on Amazon and King Arthur Baking where it ranges from $23 to $32. That’s the price you’ll pay for saving your cookie creations from spoiling after just a few days and keeping them safe from the elements. Every holiday cookie swap needs this smart solution!

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