Grinding coffee by hand is the way to ensure great-tasting coffee—but let’s be honest, who has the time—or the stamina—for hand-grinding? That’s where the genius and affordable Hamilton Beach coffee grinder comes in. It has quickly become one of the most popular kitchen gadgets on Amazon thanks to nearly 40,000 reviews. Social media users are even calling it one of the best coffee products to be your own barista.

What is a Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder?

This nifty little countertop gadget is an electric grinder that offers quiet grinding and an easy-to-clean chamber that fits up to 12 cups of coffee beans at a time. Using stale grounds is one of the biggest coffee mistakes everyone makes when brewing, so keeping a high-quality grinder on hand for the freshest grounds is the first step to brewing coffeehouse-level joe. The stainless steel blades make the Hamilton Bach coffee grinder a breeze to use, and a hideaway storage cord at the bottom keeps unsightly kitchen counter messes at bay.

The removable interior grinding chamber makes it easier to clean than other popular coffee grinders on the market, which means you can also use it for grinding spices and other dry pantry items. Tens of thousands of reviewers love this device for its versatility—it’s useful for SO much more than just grinding coffee beans. Heck, you can even pop regular granulated sugar in it and give it a few quick pulses to turn it into snow-like powdered sugar.

How to Use a Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

Whether you love a hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning or like to sip a coffeehouse-style cold brew throughout the day, this affordable machine is just the ticket because it’s so easy to use. Simply plug it in and add your desired fresh beans or spices. Then use the pulse button the same way you might use a blender or smoothie maker.

When you’re done, remove the inner chamber to clean in the sink and gently wipe the stainless steel blades clean. If you’re into effortless cleanup, this gadget will make you just as happy as the bestselling Amazon silicone utensil rest that shoppers can’t stop adding to their carts.

If coffee isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Try popping peppercorns in and pulsing for larger quantities of cracked fresh pepper than a typical mill might offer. Or try throwing a combination of spices in to create the perfect dry rub powder for BBQ meats.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

“This is perfect for fine grinding and I like that the whole cup removes and can be washed out,” writes verified Amazon purchaser, Macromama. “It turns flax seed into dust in seconds (perfect for making Gundry’s cinnamon/flaxseed muffin in a mug)! It’s a great little grinder at a great price! Highly recommend!”

Beaker, another verified Amazon purchaser, writes about how quietly the grinder works. “Wow. This thing is amazing—especially at the price! The noise level is very good. I remember my dad waking me up at 4 a.m. every morning with his coffee grinder. I hated that thing. I never wanted one because of how loud they were but when I saw the reviews I thought I would give it a chance. This thing is fantastic. No, it’s not whisper-quiet because it still has to smash beans into powder but it’s definitely something I can use and not worry about waking up my kiddos. Easy to clean and easy to use.”

“Ease of Use: 5/5,” writes Boramy, another verified Amazon purchaser who relies on the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder to get his morning started. “So easy to use! Simply fill the hopper with coffee beans. I can fit about eight to nine tablespoons. Slide the cap on, then press the grind button! I typically press the grind button in short bursts, then give a little shake in between bursts, until the ground gets nice and fine. Then from there, I turn the unit upside down to shake all the coffee grounds to the cap, then remove the cap.”

Where to Buy the Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder

Scooping up the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is one of the best reasons to shop Amazon vs Walmart because Amazon sells it for about 10% less. If you’re obsessed with breakfast (and who isn’t?), you’re going to want to add one to your cart, along with the viral Amazon butter spreader ASAP.

With nearly 40,000 reviews and a nearly-five star rating, this grinder has become a beloved part of customers’ mornings—and we can see why.

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