Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with cereal of all kinds. Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch—name any brand or flavor and I’ve almost certainly eaten several bowls of it. Breakfast cereal is so easy to love, after all. It requires zero cooking skills and delivers a delicious crunch that satisfies snack cravings. The only problem? This two-minute breakfast isn’t exactly travel-friendly. That’s why I’m stocking up on my latest TikTok-famous find: the handy dandy Crunch Cup!

What is the Crunch Cup?

The Crunch Cup is a trending gift idea, time-saver and overall fantastic find that recently gained a cult following on TikTok. Its purpose is simple: fill it with milk and cereal, then knock it back like a drink for a mouthful of crunchy, non-soggy cereal with milk.

Shaped like a blender bottle and made from a durable plastic that’s safe for dishwashers, the cup comes with a lid and interior insert that holds your choice of cereal. The cup comes in three colors: blue, pink and white. It holds just under two servings of cereal, so it’s perfect for those practicing portion control.

To use it, unscrew the cap and fill the cup with your choice of milk. Whole milk is fully encouraged for a proper experience, but 2% and plant-based alternatives are fine substitutes. Once filled with milk, replace the insert and fill it with your favorite generic or brand-name cereal. After that, simply snap on the lid and get sip’n.

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Why I Love It

Cereal. Anywhere. Need I say more? The Crunch Cup has seriously cut down on the spills, drips and crumbs covering my couch. It’s perfect for both taking to work and eliminating accidents while kids enjoy their morning meals. In the stratosphere of cool Amazon products, the Crunch Cup takes the cake. There are tons of practical uses for it, from camping to reducing the amount of flatware you have to clean. It’s even a cute gift idea for a friend with a new job!

What Other Reviewers Are Saying

Other cereal lovers in the Amazon reviews section praise the Crunch Cup for the same reasons I love it: it’s easy to clean, simple to use and offers a travel-friendly way to enjoy America’s most popular breakfast on the go. 
I am a cereal fiend,” writes a verified purchaser, “I go through phases where I will devour the big bags of cereal in about two days. I got this on a whim one day and let me tell you, game changer. It made the mornings when I was eating breakfast on the road not only less stressful but actually enjoyable.
Cereal when I’m at home? No noisy spoon against the bowl, no need for two hands, no need to risk a spill. Want to refill and have a second “bowl”? No soggy leftover pieces you have to rinse out. Just pour in more! Have to stop eating for a few minutes? Just put it in the fridge! There’s no need to worry about it getting soggy!”

Where to Buy the Crunch Cup

The Crunch Cup is available on Amazon and at stores like Walmart. Normally retailing for around $30, it’s frequently on sale—especially as the holidays start to creep up. Say goodbye to soggy cereal and hello to the crunchy, satisfying breakfast you deserve!

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