Did someone say, Advent calendar season? That’s right, it’s the most wonderful time of year, and if you haven’t started your hunt for the best Advent calendars, now’s the time to seal the deal. I mean, we’re only one month away from counting down the days ’till Christmas, so what are you waiting for?

As Taste of Home‘s resident Advent calendar expert, I’ve tested over 30 holiday countdowns in 2023 alone. And let me be the first to tell you not all of them are worth it. What I can confirm, however, is that coffee Advent calendars offer a strong value, and they’re one of our favorite Christmas countdowns because, well, who wouldn’t want to start their day with a delicious, festive cup of java? Not to mention you can open and enjoy them first thing in the morning.

With that, we found one of the best caffeine-packed countdowns for true coffee lovers. It’s the Nespresso Advent calendar filled with not 12, but 24 days of festive and classic Nespresso Vertuo flavorsplus more. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil all the surprises. Tea Advent calendars offer festive drink options as well but read on for a sneak peek inside my holiday coffee experience.

What is the Nespresso Advent Calendar?

Featuring 24 days of Vertuo coffee and espresso, the Nespresso Advent calendar is basically a coffee lover’s holiday dream. Whether you start on day 1 or 24, you’re in for a real treat as you indulge in festive brews that keep you energized all December long. I keep my countdown next to my beloved Nespresso machine. It seriously brings me so much joy in the morning thinking about the new brew I get to try that day. But the best part has to be the ease of convenience. Just pop a pod in the machine, press a button and delicious java is poured to perfection. The one-inch thick layer of foam on top is *chef’s kiss.*

If you prefer a little something sweet, pair your countdown with these chocolate Advent calendars or a hot chocolate Advent calendar.


24 days of festive and classic coffee flavorsIncludes limited edition coffee accessoryGood value (most pods go for upwards of $2 a pop)Makes a thoughtful giftSimple yet fun packagingStrong surprise element


I wish it only featured festive coffee flavorsOnly compatible with Vertuo machines


Editor’s Pick

Nespresso Vertuo Advent Calendar

This delicious countdown is the best way to start December mornings. Experience a variety of festive and classic coffee flavors compatible with all Nespresso Vertuo machines.

Why I Love It

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve tested more than two dozen Advent calendarschocolate, candy, cookies, boozy countdowns, you name it. What sets the Nespresso Advent calendar apart is the superior value and strong surprise element. While some brands list out all the goodies inside their holiday countdown (whether online or on the back of the box), I appreciate the fact that Nespresso keeps the secret alive by not disclosing what’s inside. The only way to know what you’re getting is to purchase the countdown, offering a true Advent calendar experience. Every morning, I never knew what I was going to open, let alone what the options inside were to begin with.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, coffee Advent calendars like this Nespresso pick are so delightful because you get to start your day with a delicious pep in your step. I’ve always been wow-ed by the quality of the brand’s flavors, too, and their holiday countdown is no exception. One cup is more than enough to keep you feeling in the holiday spirit. Truly the hardest part of this calendar is having to share it with your household. So if you’re a coffee snob, you may want to buy a couple of Nespresso Advent calendars to keep everyone happy.

By the way, if you need something a little stronger to get you in the holiday spirit, try a whiskey Advent calendar or a wine Advent calendar.

Where to Buy the Nespresso Advent Calendar


Editor’s Pick

Nespresso Vertuo Advent Calendar

Unbox daily wonders this festive season with an unforgettable Nespresso coffee each day and unveil an exclusive limited edition treat behind the 24th door.

Find the Nespresso Advent calendar on the brand’s website where it goes for $55. Considering that pods go for $1.25 to $2 a pop, this holiday countdown offers a strong value since it comes with 24 pods (some of which are limited edition flavors) and a coffee accessory. Plus, it more than pays for itself since you won’t have to leave the house to fuel your caffeine fix. Next, add this beloved jam Advent calendar to your cart for even sweeter winter mornings.

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