Making pizza at home is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It provides the opportunity to ditch your normal takeout or delivery option and get creative with toppings for fresh, piping-hot pies.

There are a number of brands on the market with high-quality outdoor pizza ovens including Solo Stove and Cuisinart. But Ooni pizza ovens consistently top the list of bestsellers. Ooni makes several different pizza ovens to suit a variety of needs. While some people may be looking for true wood-fired flavor, others love the ease of using gas. If you’re shopping for an Ooni pizza oven, here are the best models to consider.

What are the differences between the Ooni pizza ovens?

While you could use a pizza steel in your kitchen’s oven, nothing compares to the texture and flavor of a homemade pie made in a pizza oven. Ooni sells a variety of models, each using different fuel sources.

It all boils down to finding the best fit for you. Consider your cooking needs and the space where you plan to set up and use your pizza oven. Some models use wood or hardwood pellets as a fuel source, some use gas and some allow you to switch back and forth between fuel sources depending on your desired taste and texture. The brand also makes an all-electric pizza oven to make pizza night even easier.

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All About Ooni Koda

Gas fuel source
Reaches 950 Degrees

The Ooni Koda is the brand’s highest-reviewed pizza oven with more than 6,000 reviews and four-plus stars. The Koda model is all gas-powered, so you can hook it up to a propane tank as the fuel source, just like a barbecue. Ooni sells both the Koda 16 for up to 16-inch pizzas, along with a smaller version, the Koda 12, for up to 12-inch pizzas.

The oven has a sleek design with a powder coating for weather resistance. Inside, there’s an L-shaped burner which is powered by connecting the gas hose to a tank and turning on the oven. A gas-powered oven eliminates the need to consistently feed the fire. Plus, it reduces the learning curve for beginners cooking pizza at home. Instead, you’ll have a constant flame that maintains high temperatures very well.

I use this oven at least once a week at home, and it has been thoroughly reviewed by the Taste of Home team with rave reviews. While the Koda 16 is more expensive due to its larger size, the Koda 12 is one of the most affordable options in the Ooni lineup.

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All About Ooni Karu

Multi-fuel source (gas, wood, charcoal)
Reaches 950 Degrees

The Ooni Karu is the most versatile model for cooking pizza in your backyard. It allows you to choose between cooking with gas, or you can power it with wood or charcoal. Ooni’s Karu 12 (which is on sale!) is a multi-fuel oven and is similar in design to the brand’s first pizza oven, but the Karu 12G is an improved version that is more fuel efficient and uses far less gas, while still reaching 950 degrees.

It has a built-in folding door to retain heat, along with an exterior thermometer to easily check the temperature. The flame in this oven is located in the back, which heats the stone and rolls up to the top of the oven. With the door closed, it creates the ideal environment for crisp crust. The Karu 16 is similar in design, but the Karu 12G allows for easier portability. There is a bit of a learning curve to cooking pizza with wood or charcoal as your fuel source, but luckily this model has the option to choose which works best for you.

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All About Ooni Fyra

Wood-pellet fuel source
Reaches 950 Degrees

The Ooni Fyra is one of the highest-rated pizza ovens on Amazon. It only comes in one size—the Fyra 12 meant for making 12-inch pizzas. It utilizes hardwood pellets as the fuel source, which are consistently fed into a hopper to fuel the rolling flame in the back of the oven. Because of this design, it eliminates the need to constantly feed the flame with wood. It still reaches 950 degrees for optimal cooking, but the design makes it simpler to maintain heat, while still infusing wood-fired flavor.

The Fyra is modeled after Ooni’s first wood pellet-fueled portable pizza oven. It’s the brand’s smallest model and one of the most budget-friendly. And because it has three folding legs and only weighs 22 pounds, it’s ideal for transporting on-the-go so you can make pizza just about anywhere.

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All About Ooni Volt

Reaches 850 Degrees

If you’re hoping for a pizza oven that allows you to make homemade pies both indoors and outdoors, the Ooni Volt is the right model for you. It has the highest price tag amongst Ooni’s line-up of pizza ovens, but after testing the Ooni Volt thoroughly, it’s worth the investment for those looking for ultimate versatility.

The oven is all-electric with a weather-resistant powder coating. You can plug it in on your deck or patio or use it inside your home kitchen. It has room inside for making 12-inch pizzas and heats up to 850 degrees incredibly fast thanks to great heat retention.

The front dial makes it simple to choose from a temperature range of 350 degrees to 850 degrees. And the heating controls let you adjust how much heat you want to reach your pie. It’s the brand’s easiest, most intuitive model to use and has an automatic shutoff feature after 45 minutes.

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How good is an Ooni pizza oven?

Ooni pizza ovens are built for all-weather use and can be a great investment for pizza lovers or those interested in learning how to make pizza at home. Oonis have a one-year warranty, which extends to five years once you register the pizza oven. The brand also has an upgrade program that allows pizza oven owners to upgrade to a new oven for 20% off without trading in their old one.

Does Ooni really cook pizza in 60 seconds?

Ooni pizza ovens reach incredibly high temperatures after 15 to 20 minutes of preheating time. Depending on the model, they get as hot as 850 degrees to 950 degrees. With that high temperature, it is possible to cook a pizza in as little as 60 seconds. Depending on the pizza oven, your pizza dough and your chosen pizza toppings, it can take anywhere from 60 seconds to two minutes to fully cook a pie.

Can I leave my Ooni pizza oven outside?

All Ooni pizza ovens are meant for outdoor use on a regular basis. They feature a sleek, weather-resistant powder coating. Your pizza oven can certainly be left outside, but it is recommended to put a cover on it to keep it in tip-top shape. In harsh weather conditions, it’s best to store your oven indoors to prevent damage. Find more essential pizza-making tools and Ooni accessories.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best Ooni pizza oven model for you will be based on the amount of space you have to use your pizza oven, along with the preferred fuel source. If you want a wood-fired flavor, the Fyra or Karu models will be best. If you want to use gas-only, which is one of the simplest ways to cook pizza with great heat control, the Ooni Koda is the ideal fit. For the versatility of indoor and outdoor use, along with no need to control a live flame, the Ooni Volt is best.

Where to Buy Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ready to grab your pizza cutter and dig in? Ooni pizza ovens can be found on Amazon, Williams Sonoma, Walmart and Ooni’s website. Once your oven fires up, you’ll have fresh pizza on the table in no time!

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