When the temperature dips, there’s one dish that sweater weather unquestionably calls for: soup. Is there anything quite like a bowl of homemade soup to keep you warm on a chilly day? We think not!

But some soups call for a lot of dicing or need to simmer for hours. During a busy week, from-scratch soup is out of the question. But a cup of soup simply does the trick on cold winter days. That’s where this popular meal prep trend comes in. You won’t need a slow cooker or Instant Pot, though. Instead, pick up a case of Mason jars.

Can you use Mason jars for soup?

Yes! Beyond using Mason jars for canning recipes and flower arrangements, you can also use Mason jars for soup. The internet adores this popular meal prep hack. The trend has racked up over 9 million views on TikTok!

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As New York Times bestselling cookbook author and content creator Carleigh Bodrug says, “You need to try making Mason jar soup.” Just combine broth, protein, noodles and hot water in a Mason jar. The result? A perfect soup to curl up with after a long day (ideally paired with Gilmore Girls).

Is it safe to put hot soup in a Mason jar?

Yes, it’s safe to put hot soup in a Mason jarunder certain conditions. Mason jars can crack or break if not handled correctly. As one TikTok creator says, “if you are using hot water, make sure the [Mason] jar is warm or your jar will explode.” Drastic temperature changes (like if a Mason jar was in the freezer) can cause Mason jars to break. You want the jar to be at least room temperature before pouring in any hot water.

What soups can I prep in a Mason jar?

In her TikTok, Carleigh preps her Mason jar by whisking together chili garlic sauce, soy sauce and miso paste. Then, she adds tofu, grated carrots, spinach, vermicelli noodles, chives and seasame seeds. When you’re ready to eat the soup, she explains, pour in hot water. Let sit for five minutes and enjoy.

Of course, there are plenty of other recipes you can use this meal prep hack out with. Start with a broth base at the bottom, then add a protein and vegetables of your choice. You can also add noodles and plenty of spices! To get started, try our DIY ramen soup recipe.

How long will soup last in a Mason jar?

It’s best not to keep these Mason jars longer than three to five days. During that period, check the smell and appearance of the food to determine whether it’s safe to eat. Otherwise, past five days, toss the contents.

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