How much do we love Mean Girls? The limit does not exist.

It’s hard to believe that one of the most beloved and iconic 2000s flicks is approaching its 20th anniversary. I mean, that’s just like, so grool.

While we’re planning to wear pink for the celebration, Coffee mate has gifted us a caffeinated way to ring in the occasion. (No, it’s not a coffee cake filled with rainbows and smiles that everyone would eat and be happy). It’s a limited edition Mean Girls coffee creamer. Shut up. Shut. Up! We’ve got the 411 and all the hot gossip on this, fittingly, pink treat.

What is Mean Girls coffee creamer?

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This Mean Girls coffee creamer is inspired by the classic and endlessly quotable film. To make it even more iconic, it’s also the first ever pink coffee creamer and has a sweet pink frosting flavor. Talk about adding a sugar rush to your afternoon pick-me-up!

According to Coffee mate, the creamer gives fans a chance to add splashes of, like, really pretty, pink to any type of coffee. In other words, it’s not a regular coffee creamer, it’s a cool coffee creamer.

What does Mean Girls creamer taste like?

I had the chance to taste test this creamer, and it can be summed up in one word: pink. Not just because of its bubblegum hue, but because this coffee creamer smells and tastes like pink, too. And by pink, I mean it really does taste like a liquified, sugary piece of cake and my sweet tooth isn’t mad about it. Take that pink everything as you’d like, but to reference one of the most quotable lines of the film, it’s pretty fetch fitting.

When is the creamer in stores?

Unfortunately, this coffee creamer can’t sit with us just yet. It won’t be rolling onto grocery store shelves nationwide until January 2024. Although, that does mean we can look forward to starting the new year off with some pink.

Once its available, fans will be able to pick up 32-ounce bottles for $4.69. Until then, we’ll be rewatching the Plastics rule the school and making recipes inspired by vintage movies.

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