While Christmastime may seem far away, now is the time to snag a fun Advent calendar. Festive Advent calendars are filled with treats from cheeses and chocolates to Bonne Maman jams and coffee. Hunting for the perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur in your life? Then look no further than a whiskey Advent calendar.

Counting down to Christmas is sweeter with an Advent calendar filled with edible chocolate delights or boozy spirits. It’s best to pre-order trending Advent calendars as they have a limited supply and sell out fast! Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar is no exception.

If you want to receive Flaviar’s 2023 calendar, you have to pre-order now as it’s renowned for selling out every year. Taste of Home readers can get an exclusive $10 off the Flaviar calendar with code TOH10. Try a wine Advent calendar if whiskey isn’t your spirit of choice.

What is the Flaviar whiskey Advent calendar? 

Flaviar, an online spirits club for whiskey connoisseurs, offers a new Advent calendar every year that features rare whiskies from across the world. I personally tested Flaviar’s 2023 Indiana Jones-themed whiskey Advent calendar.

Explore The Lost Art of Distillation: The Amber Kingdom with 24 1.7-ounce vials of whiskey from eight different countries, two Glencairn glasses, a tasting journal with information about each whiskey and a free one-year Flaviar base membership.

The one-year Flaviar base membership ($350 value) includes a full-size bottle and three mini-samples of your choice every quarter of the year. Plus, it also provides member discounts, free shipping on certain products, access to a vast array of spirits from across the globe, first dibs on exclusive bottlings and entry to a passionate spirits community.

Flaviar only unveils so many details about their Advent calendar, as it should be a surprise. If you want to find out more, you’ll have to order the box for yourself or as a gift for a whiskey lover to enjoy.


Shareable design
Vials hold 60% more liquid than most Advent calendars
24 top-shelf whiskey samples from eight countries
Free one-year Flaviar base membership ($350 value)
Festive packaging with an engaging tasting experience
Two Glencairn glasses
Tasting journal with information on each whiskey sample


Pre-order only
Only ships to 32/50 states in the U.S.


Editor’s Pick

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar

Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar is our go-to gift for bourbon enthusiasts. Sample 24 curated selections of bespoke bourbons from the best distilleries across the globe.

Why I Love It 

With 24 days until Christmas starting December 1, there’s one 1.7-ounce hand-picked and expertly curated glass whiskey vial for every day until my favorite holiday.

Industry-leading whiskey makers and distillers contributed to this whiskey Advent calendar across eight countries: the United States, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Denmark, Japan and New Zealand. Sample a thoughtfully curated variety of new and old whiskeys: bourbons, ryes, blended Scotches and single malts.

Whiskey samples include award winners and exclusive new releases. Some whiskey vials come from bottles worth over $150. One whiskey vial features a Scotch that comes out in 2024.

Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar is designed as a gift to be shared, hence two Glencairn glasses—the best glassware for tasting whiskey. A single 1.7-ounce pour is enough for two people to enjoy. Sample whiskeys from across the globe with your significant other, close friend or family member.

The education-focused tasting journal includes information on each individual whiskey sample with space for personal tasting notes on each whiskey vial. For whiskey lovers with a green palette, the tasting notes in the journal are rather helpful in refining spirit preferences.

Might I add, the Advent calendar is wrapped in stunning black and gold packaging, enhancing the overall tasting advent-ure. Additionally, the whiskey vials and glasses are secured tightly in their slots and won’t break during shipping.

But Don’t Take My Word for It! 

Reviewers tout Flaviar as the best whiskey Advent calendar on the market. From the packaging to meticulously curated samples, every step of the tasting journey is captivating and festive. For some, it’s the best gift they’ve ever received.

Five-star reviewer Josh Cannery says, “Best Advent calendar—EVER! Packaging is high quality, user experience is entertaining, samples are wonderfully delivered and no shortage of variety.”

It’s the perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast in the family, according to Nick Glorioso. “My wife and son purchased this for my 50th. Absolutely the best present I could receive. Hands down one of the best presents you could purchase as a gift.”

For verified purchaser and booze enthusiast Chefbourbon, it was an opportunity to expand his palette. “My wife got me that for Christmas. What a treat! Really fun to try some new bottles I might never have given a time of day.”

Where to Buy the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar


Editor’s Pick

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar

Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar is our go-to gift for bourbon enthusiasts. Sample 24 curated selections of bespoke bourbons from the best distilleries across the globe.

The Flaviar whiskey Advent calendar is available exclusively from Flaviar’s website. $250 gets you 24 curated 1.7-ounce whiskey samples among other goodies. $250 for 40.8 ounces of whiskey hammers out to $6.13 per ounce. Given some included whiskey bottles are worth over $150, it’s a stellar deal! Or, purchase two whiskey Advent calendars and save $50 (just $225 per calendar).

Remember, Taste of Home readers get an exclusive $10 off the calendar with code TOH10. If you preorder by October 25, you’re guaranteed to receive a calendar by Thanksgiving. Flaviar does not ship the whiskey Advent calendar to certain states or P.O. boxes.

For the whiskey-obsessed or those looking to expand and refine their booze palette, Flaviar’s whiskey Advent calendar is the perfect gift.

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