Despite my morning person tendencies, I still struggle to wake up. As silly as it sounds, sometimes the only thing that gets me fired up to start the day is a delicious cup of coffee. It’s either a strong iced latte with hints of vanilla in the summer or a warm, toasty cup of Joe any other season.

But after rotating through multiple popular coffee brands to master my morning routine, I’ve found myself in a coffee rut and craving something more than what’s available in the store. That’s when I discovered the Bean Box coffee subscription.

Personalized and easy to set up, my Bean Box subscription has introduced me to a whole new world of coffee I never knew existed. Here’s why it’s the ultimate pick me up for coffee connoisseurs and beginners alike.

What is a Bean Box subscription?

Based in Seattle, Washington, Bean Box offers independently roasted specialty coffee. They’re most popular for their custom-curated coffee subscription boxes, but they also offer beans (or grounds) a la carte. Bean Box is basically like having access to a coffee sommelier. They work with the nation’s best independent roasters to bring top-notch beans straight to your cup exactly when and how you want them.

As for their coffee subscriptions? Every step is customized by the drinker. Simply choose between whole bean or ground coffee, your ideal flavor profile (espresso and decaf options are available), how much coffee you want each delivery and how often you want the beans delivered. If you decide you’re stocked up on coffee after a few weeks, you can pause or cancel at any time.

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How We Tested It: Bean Box Review

Subscription Set-Up

My Bean Box review started with taking the online questionnaire (it’s literally just four questions). Because whole-bean coffee allows for a more robust tasting experience, I opted for whole beans over freshly ground coffee.

Next, it was time to select my ideal tasting experience: Curator’s choice, light and bright, medium and cozy, dark and toasty, espresso or decaf. To get the full Bean Box subscription experience, I opted for curator’s choice. There’s just something about having coffee sommeliers hand-pick my brew based on seasonality that sounds delightful. I’m quite happy I went this route (it’s also the brand’s most popular tasting experience).

At the time of testing, I was living with my sister and boyfriend, so I opted for the delivery of two bags every month to ensure there was enough coffee to go around each morning.

Month 1: Tasting and Brew Experience

My preferred brew method is pour-over coffee in my glass coffee maker. A light and balanced blend with notes of fig jam, chocolate and cherry surrounded me upon opening the first bag. The aroma was unlike anything I’d ever smelled inside a bag of coffee. I mean, my first impression blew me away—and that’s just from the smell test.

I appreciate that the bag tells you the “golden ratio” for the perfect brew (it’s two tablespoons of coffee per six ounces of water, in case you’re wondering). This certainly made me realize that I use way too much water in my typical pour-overs. With three coffee drinkers that morning, I ground six tablespoons of beans in my favorite coffee grinder (hi, Hamilton Beach coffee grinder).

OK, time for the fun part and the reason you’re here. How does Bean Box coffee actually taste? I’ll start with this: My coffee-tasting experience was rich, robust and full of surprises. I drink my coffee black on most days, and the Colombia del Campo blend I tested first had a subtle tartness mixed with soft notes of cherry chocolate, just like the bag mentioned.

The next day, I tested the Ethiopia Yabitu Koba Natural coffee. I didn’t know coffee could have notes of cotton candy until this Bean Box review, and it certainly tickled my tongue in the best way. Unlike the light and balanced Colombian blend, it had a medium and cozy taste to it. This was slightly surprising considering its tasting notes are lemon, raspberry and cotton candy. Still, it certainly did not disappoint.

Month 2: Tasting and Brew Experience

Between three coffee drinkers, we went through the first month’s worth of beans (two bags) in about three weeks. So when the second shipment showed up, our palettes were cleansed and ready for more specialty coffee.

Instead of two 12-ounce bags, our shipment came with four six-ounce bags: A light and balanced Colombian blend brewed and a medium and toasty blend called Cafe Carmelita. Yum!

I seriously looked forward to waking up in the morning thanks to this round of Bean Box coffee. With notes of caramel, chocolate and sugar cane between the two blends, I thoroughly enjoyed the rich yet balanced sweetness. Even if you don’t love black coffee, you’re going to want to skip the coffee creamer with Bean Box because the flavor is so robust.

Following the same brew method as before, this round of coffee lasted about two and a half weeks. If I had to re-do my subscription, I’d go for the two-week delivery option. Still, I was thoroughly impressed with the entire subscription experience. I’m not kidding when I say this was the best quality of coffee I have ever brewed in my home. Though I love my typical Trader Joe’s coffee beans, they definitely got pushed aside while we enlightened our tastebuds with a whole new land of coffee thanks to Bean Box.

Overall Impression

Aside from excellent, curated coffee, what really blew me away was the learning experience gained from my Bean Box subscription review. Not only does the bag include tasting notes, roast strength and a fun little description about the tasting experience, but it also notes where the beans are from and the exact date they were roasted. It’s these little details that set Bean Box apart from other coffee brands.


Personalized subscription
Independently roasted
Expert-curated coffee
Espresso and decaf options available
Coffee is roasted to order
Subscription holders can earn:

Free shipping
Exclusive pricing, deals and promotions
Free coffee (and 5% back in credits on every order!)

Ability to skip a week or edit your coffee subscription at any time


Bean Box offers specialty coffee so it’s a tad pricier than store-bought options
If you’re serving multiple coffee drinkers, you may run out of coffee if the delivery frequency is monthly. I recommend opting for every two weeks.


Is bean box coffee fresh?

Bean Box coffee is roasted to order and delivered at peak freshness and flavor. Just remember to store your beans or grounds properly (these coffee containers do the trick) for maximum freshness for one month and beyond.

How does bean box ship?

Not only does Bean Box ship to all 50 U.S. states, but the brand works with independent roasting partners and ships coffee within 48 hours.

Is bean box coffee ground?

Bean Box offers whole bean and ground coffee subscription options.

What Other Shoppers Had to Say

Bean Box reviewer, Stephanie, raves, “As always, Bean Box selects wonderful and interesting coffees for me to sample on a monthly basis. This one is rich and bold, just what you need in the morning or anytime you have your coffee. Also works well as espresso.”

“Awesome coffees!” shares Bean Box reviewer, Jeremy. “I just love the unique flavor of each batch. You can tell that great care goes into every bean roasted.”

Bean Box reviewer, Aaron, adds, “I love getting to explore and learn more about coffee as I work through different bags. This subscription has been so much fun.”

Product Comparison

These days, coffee subscriptions like Bean Box are quite popular, so how does this brand compare to the rest? Though every coffee subscription is a little different, the bottom line is pretty much the same: Curated coffee delivered to your doorstep whenever and however you want it.

Some popular coffee subscriptions, like Atlas Coffee Club, introduce coffee lovers to beans from around the world. Bean Box’s edge, however, is all about “small-batch, locally-roasted beans” from all over the country. Meaning, they work with independent roasters and in-house coffee sommeliers to introduce you to excellent cups of coffee every time. Bonus: Most of the roasters they partner with are the best of the best in the nation, so yes, they know a thing or two about award-winning cups of Joe.

Final Verdict

If you can’t tell by now, a Bean Box subscription is the secret to easy, caffeine-filled mornings. If you find yourself in a coffee rut, take it from my Bean Box review when I say it’s the best way to learn about and experiment with new flavors and brew methods. Discover a wide reach of coffee beyond what’s available at the grocery store.

Where to Buy a Bean Box Subscription

Sign up for your Bean Box subscription on the brand’s website and treat yourself to the vast world of coffee. A subscription starts at $20 for one curated 12-ounce coffee bag per week. From there, your subscription is totally personalized, from deciding between whole bean and ground coffee to the flavor profile and right down to how often you want your bags delivered. You’ll be your own barista in no time!

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