Starbucks’ brown sugar shaken espresso has taken the world by storm. Sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon and poured over crushed ice and cold oat milk, it’s not hard to see why it’s become a household favorite. And even during the colder months it remains on their winter 2022 menu. (I’m a cold coffee gal all year long, but I digress.)

While it may be tempting to run over to Starbucks each morning and snag a cup, we all know that can become a costly morning routine. Learn how to make brown sugar shaken espressos at home and you’ll never wait in a drive-thru line again.

How to Make Starbucks Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso

Shake up your mornings with this Starbucks copycat drink that takes just a few moments to prep and a handful of ingredients that you already have on hand. Follow our step-by-step instructions and watch the video on how to make @Coffeedbybella‘s viral TikTok recipe.

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1-2 shots espresso
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 teaspoons cinnamon
A splash of oat milk (or your go-to milk choice)

Tools You’ll Need

Espresso machine: Every serious at-home barista needs this coffee product. A shot of espresso turns every coffee drink into a coffee shop-quality sipper.
Mason jar with lid: Shaking your coffee drink with a mason jar thoroughly incorporates the brown sugar and cinnamon with the espresso.
Reusable straw: While this may not be an essential item, sipping out of a metal reusable straw will elevate your coffee drinking experience.


Step 1: Prepare your espresso

Make a shot (or two, if it’s that kind of day) using an espresso maker. Extra points if you use a bag of Starbucks Espresso Roast. Then, pour your espresso into your mason jar.

Editor’s Tip: If you don’t own an espresso maker, you can also use freshly-brewed coffee from a coffee maker. I used regular ol’ coffee and it worked just as good!

Step 2: Add fix-ins

Add the brown sugar, cinnamon and a handful of ice to the mason jar.

Editor’s Tip: Rachel Wilke, Taste of Home Senior Social Media Editor and Designer recommends adding a tablespoon of honey and vanilla extract (or paste) for extra sweetness.

Step 3: Shake and serve!

Shake and shake and shake until the ingredients are combined. Grab your oat milk and pour over your coffee masterpiece. Drink right out of your mason jar or pour into your favorite iced coffee glass with a reusable straw.

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