When it comes to all things cooking, I trust Stanley Tucci. Theactor and Searching for Italy host has guided us through many a culinary dilemma, from the best way to use leftover risotto to perfecting a Negroni.

And, as an Italian cuisine expert, Tucci knows exactly how to handle a staple ingredient: onions. This allium is used in many Italian recipes, but not always properly handled.

That’s where Tucci, in an interview with Esquire, walks us through the best way to cut an onion. Sans tears.

Is there a “right” way to cut an onion?

Well, as Tucci says, “there are many different ways of cutting an onion.” There’s no particular right way to cut an onion, but there are better ways of cutting an onion!

How to Cut an Onion Like Stanley Tucci

While Tucci knows many will argue with his method, he stands by the onion technique taught to him by a chef friend. Here’s how he does it.

First, grab a super sharp knife, since “that’s really important,” as Tucci says. He holds the onion (on a cutting board) on its side and chops off the ends. Then, he lays the onion on a flat end and cuts right through the middle, leaving equal halves.

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From there, he peels a half and sets the peels aside. He lays the onion down, flat side down. Tucci cuts three slices across the onion horizontally. He then rotates the onion and chops “in strips.” At this point, the onion should be segmented, but still in one piece.

“And then,” he pauses, “we do this.” He dices the onion so the pieces are cut evenly. “And then,” he says, “it all falls into these nice little cubes. Ish.” Tucci repeats the process with the other half.

Other Tricks for Cutting an Onion

Check for freshness

According to Tucci, onions should be firm. “It shouldn’t be soft,” he explains. “If it’s soft,” he says, “don’t buy it, don’t use it.” If it’s too soft, it can be a sign that an onion is bad.

Wear onion goggles

Tucci uses “a very potent onion,” and assumes he’ll “probably cry.” He likes to use “goggles that [he] put[s] on that are designed specifically for cutting onions,” and says the goggles are an effective way to prevent tears. Despite usually forgetting to wear them.

Like Tucci says, there are also famous tricks like putting a piece of bread or a wooden spoon in one’s mouth. The cooks in our Test Kitchen tried out a couple popular but unusual methods of cutting an onion without crying to test their efficacy.

Use a sharp knife

While there are some TikTok videos that claim an onion can be diced without a knife, a knife is almost always necessary for the best outcome. Use a staple kitchen knife, like a chef’s knife, paring knife or a serrated knife. Just make sure it’s sharp!

If you end cut an onion the Tucci way, you may just have a culinary triumph on your hands!

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