As a writer, my creative juices are flowing from nine to five, and sometimes, I’m a bit tapped come dinnertime. After hours of coming up with witty captions, fresh angles and that just-right adjective, I don’t always have it in me to muster equally imaginative recipes. That’s why I’m so grateful on those days I have the contents of a meal kit tucked away in my fridge.

Meal kits take the effort out of meal planning but none of the variety and quality. EveryPlate is the latest of many that I’ve tried. Owned by the HelloFresh Group and touted as the company’s most affordable service, this kit did not disappoint. Let’s dig into my EveryPlate reviews of each recipe in the box.

What is EveryPlate?

We Tried It

EveryPlate Meal Kit

EveryPlate meal kits are an affordable way to have delicious recipes and all their ingredients delivered straight to your door.

EveryPlate follows the same formula as most other meal kit delivery services on the market, especially those also owned by the HelloFresh Group, such as Green Chef and, of course, HelloFresh. Offering an exceptional user experience, the service allows customers to select up to six recipes with yields of two, four or six servings on a weekly basis.

The well-insulated box of ingredients for the preselected recipes then arrives on your doorstep typically by Wednesday of the given week. The family-friendly meals are as low as $4.99 per serving based on how many meals and servings you purchase, and you’ll have 26 signature, semi-customizable recipes from which to choose each week.

EveryPlate Features

EveryPlate reviews set this meal kit apart from competitors, such as Mosaic, Marley Spoon and Home Chef, mainly for its low price—a price the company is able to offer because of packaging adjustments and condensed menu options. That being said, there are still 26 meals from which to choose each week. When you sign up, you’ll have the option to select preferences such as “Quick & Easy” or “Veggie” to signal to EveryPlate which recipes to display first.

Then comes the fun part, at least for me: sifting through all the delicious-looking recipes and picking which ones I want on my plate ASAP. For my box, I chose Chicken Scallopini, Sticky Soy Pork Burgers and Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder. I opted out of any add-ons, but you can bulk up your box with items like garlic bread, egg bites or cheesecake for a small price if you like.

The recipes are conveniently labeled with signifiers such as “Customer Fave,” “Easy Cleanup” or “30 Min or Less,” so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. And if you’re not feelin’ any of the offerings, you can skip weeks or cancel altogether at any time.

How We Tested It

My EveryPlate box arrived on a Wednesday afternoon. I immediately unpacked it and tossed all the ingredients in the fridge. The non-meat ingredients, such as sauces, veggies and grains, are compiled in a cardboard box. Then, check underneath the ice packs for your proteins—I’ve made that mistake before! Despite the packaging adjustments that partially account for the low cost of the box, the items arrived cold and in great shape. I cooked them all the very next day.

Chicken Scallopini

For those who don’t know (read: me before ordering this box), Chicken Scallopini is thinly sliced chicken that’s dredged in flour, pan-fried and served with a sauce, in this case, a lemon-garlic cream sauce. The full meal also included roasted broccoli and cubed potatoes. So, in addition to the aforementioned steps of dredging, pan-frying and whisking together a cream sauce, I also had to chop, season and bake the potatoes and broccoli.

The instructions included some helpful pointers that I might not have considered, such as adjusting the oven racks so the potatoes would bake right at the top of the oven and the broccoli would go in the middle. This lent itself to a perfect cook on both. However, I would’ve preferred the instructions had me add the broccoli halfway through the potatoes’ cook time rather than pulling them out halfway through the potatoes’ cook time so that both would’ve been hot when eating.

The dredging process was super easy—I appreciated that the instructions had me sprinkle the flour over the chicken, then pat until it adhered, rather than having me add the flour to a bowl, toss the chicken in there and dirty extra pans. After the chicken was cooked, I was able to stir together the sauce in the same skillet. Achieving that smooth, lemony sauce was so straightforward.

Although one piece of chicken was on the slightly dry side, in all, it was a nourishing, filling meal that those sitting around my table really enjoyed. The potatoes were crisped to perfection, and the lemon cream sauce added a welcome brightness to this comfort-food dish. I will note, though, that it took me nearly an hour to prepare, rather than the quoted 40 minutes.

Sticky Soy Pork Burgers

When eagerly awaiting the arrival of my EveryPlate box, this is the meal about which I was most excited. And after taste-testing them all, it was certainly the most unique, in a largely positive way. The recipe entails chopping, seasoning and baking the potato wedges; making a cilantro slaw; and forming and cooking the pork patties on the stovetop (there’s also a ground beef version).

Despite feeling like something you’d find on a restaurant menu, this recipe was super easy to put together. Although I’d make some tiny tweaks were I to make it again, such as julienning the potatoes so they cooked better, seasoning the patties slightly more, or adding less mayo to the slaw, I found it to be a juicy, delicious burger that stands out from many of the tired, go-to recipes in my repertoire.

The glaze on the Sticky Soy Pork Burgers, made of soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, lime, ginger and a couple of other ingredients, really took things up a notch, and the potato buns were a fluffy, tender complement to the equally tender pork. Although this recipe took me 42 instead of 35 minutes to make, I could certainly see myself revisiting this recipe.

Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder

I’ve had some really incredible salads from meal kit delivery services, so it was time to try a soup. With a few favorite ingredients of mine such as bacon, cream cheese, jalapeno and potatoes, the Creamy Corn & Bacon Chowder was a slam-dunk for me. In fact, I’d say the bacon was the highest-quality ingredient in the whole box.

First, I chopped the potatoes, onion and jalapeno. Then I sauteed the aromatics and seasonings in butter before adding flour, then milk. Next, I added milk, water, chicken stock and potatoes, and cooked until the potatoes were tender. Meanwhile, I crisped up the bacon to just my liking. Lastly, I stirred in cream cheese, some of the bacon and corn, then topped it with jalapeno, more bacon and sour cream. Easy, peasy!

Although this was my favorite recipe of the bunch flavor-wise, there were some minor drawbacks. First, the recipe required milk but did not provide it. Luckily, I keep dairy milk on hand, but at this point in time, I know many households do not. Furthermore, unlike the other meals, there were no side dishes, so I needed to make my own; this wasn’t an all-in-one kit. Lastly, it took me 45 minutes to make instead of the quoted 35.

To end on a bright note, it tasted dang good. The cream cheese added a tanginess where other corn chowders sometimes fall flat. The combination of textures with the crispy bacon, tender corn, semi-mashed potatoes and raw jalapeno was delightful. And the recipe made way more than two servings, in my opinion. Leftovers I can get behind!


High-quality ingredients (especially bacon and broccoli!)
Helpful recipe cards
Only easy techniques and straightforward tools required
Plentiful portions
Flexible cancellation or pausing


Quoted times are inaccurate


How much is EveryPlate for one person?

Although one-serving recipes are not available, a single person could easily order from EveryPlate, so long as they’re OK with leftovers. If one person were to purchase a box of two-serving recipes, they would spend around $45 for three meals (or six total servings), $55 for four (eight total servings), $65 for five (10 total servings) and $72 for six (12 total servings). Keep an eye on meal kit sales for even better deals!

Is EveryPlate owned by HelloFresh?

Yes, EveryPlate, along with Green Chef, Factor and HelloFresh, is owned by the HelloFresh Group. Among the group’s brands, it is marketed as a value meal kit service.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

This meal kit has been feeding and pleasing people all over the U.S. and Australia for long enough to accrue more than 11,000 five-star EveryPlate reviews on Trustpilot.

Joel Riecker, a five-star reviewer, loves the simplicity of the recipes. “As a longtime picky eater, I’ve been pleasantly surprised from all angles,” he says. “The value is there, especially for a family. For a single person (as in my case), it’s cheaper than eating out but tends to be a bit more than buying my own groceries. But the tradeoff of having it delivered to my door and getting out of my food rut has been worth it. I’m into my fifth box and plan to continue my orders.”

For some others, EveryPlate even offers a bonding and learning opportunity. “I have been using EveryPlate to teach my two boys to cook,” DeAnna Squires says. “They are so excited when our box arrives. We have to ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to see who gets to cook first each week. This is genius at teaching kiddos to cook. They are always so proud of the outcome.”

Cathy is a new customer and is especially impressed by the customer service, which is key for a meal kit delivery service in the event of a delayed shipment, missing ingredients, etc. “I just marvel at their customer service and the attention to every little detail, which creates an overall exceptional experience,” she says. “Great delivery; good quality/quantity of foods; perfect and easy recipes; fun perks and rewards. Did I forget to mention delicious meals? Thanks, EveryPlate!”

Product Comparison

You’ll most often find EveryPlate compared to Dinnerly, which is another meal kit service that claims to have meals for as low as $4.99 per serving. Although I admittedly did prefer my meals and the customization options from Dinnerly, they cost more money.

How is that so? Well, servings don’t cost $4.99 from either meal kit service unless you buy the maximum amount of meals and servings. So, when I ordered the smallest Dinnerly box (two 2-serving recipes), I was charged $32, or roughly $8 per serving. However, when I ordered the smallest EveryPlate box (three 2-serving recipes), I was charged $44, or roughly $7 per serving. This means that EveryPlate really has the cheapest offerings of any meal kit delivery service, especially if you’re ordering for just one or two people.

Final Verdict

You might assume EveryPlate cut corners to cut costs, but I didn’t find that to be the case. The food arrived cold and fresh—with no noticeable dip in quality from other HelloFresh Group brands, such as Green Chef. The meals were easy to make, with the aid of recipe cards with comprehensive written instructions and step-by-step photos.

Although I found the recipes to be a tad bit elementary for my taste, they were still yummy and filled me up for hours. EveryPlate would be the no-brainer option for families with young kids, picky eaters, kitchen novices or anyone looking to save a buck. Just keep in mind that they might take you a little longer than the quoted time.

Where to Buy an EveryPlate Meal Kit

We Tried It

EveryPlate Meal Kit

EveryPlate meal kits are available exclusively on the brand’s website. Choose from 26 delicious options today for tasty dinners next week!

Head to the EveryPlate website for your very own box of budget-friendly, taste-bud-wowing recipes. The smallest box, with three 2-serving recipes, costs around $45, and the largest box, with six 6-serving recipes, costs $180. You’ll be so glad you stepped up to the EveryPlate!

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