We bet you know about the classic PieCaken: two kinds of cake and a whole pie all packed into one stunning dessert. Perhaps you’ve even attempted to bake a homemade PieCaken. Well, Zac Young, the pastry chef behind this phenomenon, has taken the overstuffed dessert up a notch. Hello, Christmas PieCaken!

What is a Christmas PieCaken?

This holiday version follows the same formula as the original PieCaken—turning three delectable desserts into one outrageous treat—but with a Christmas theme. The first layer of the Christmas PieCaken is a whole pecan pie, with a sticky-sweet filling and two layers of pie crust. The middle layer is, in our opinion, the best one: a super-creamy eggnog cheesecake that’s rich with nutmeg spice! The top layer is a tender red velvet cake to give the slices a festive feel.

Layered between each filling (and coating the entire outside of the cake) is silky amaretto-flavored buttercream frosting. I can confirm, the amaretto tastes wonderful with all three layers. The top of the Christmas PieCaken is a ruby-red pool of cherry pie filling. It’s a sight to behold!

Why is the PieCaken so popular?

Don’t get us wrong: We love homemade Christmas cookies, Yule logs and other holiday treats. But when you want to amaze your family and guests with a one-of-a-kind holiday dessert, a PieCaken is perfect. It does the seemingly impossible trick of packing so many flavors in one gorgeous package. A reviewer on the site Guilty Eats sums it up nicely, calling the PieCaken “a visual masterpiece of holiday colors and flavors.”

Where to Buy a Christmas PieCaken

To order your Christmas PieCaken, head to the Goldbelly website. They’ll ship one straight to your door, frozen in dry ice and in perfect shape. It held up perfectly in transit to my house. Because Christmas PieCaken stores so well (one week in the fridge or three months in the freezer) you can order in advance and have it ready to serve for the holidays.

The Christmas PieCaken costs $99.00—and we know what you’re thinking: Is that too much to spend on a dessert? Our answer: It’s totally worth it. Shipping is free, the cake arrives well-protected with the festive decorations intact, and each six-pound PieCaken serves 12 to 16 people. Best of all, everyone will love to brag that they experienced the famous PieCaken!

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