Cookies are incredibly subjective. One of the most contentious food debates I can recall is about Lofthouse cookies. If you ask me, they’re positively delicious. But others shudder at that mere sentiment. Some people like unfrosted classics like chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. (They’d love Levain cookies.)

Some prefer aesthetically pleasing cutouts with royal icing and a pleasant crunch. And some enjoy soft, tender sugar cookies with velvety frosting. As you might guess from my stance on Lofthouse cookies, I fall into this camp.

Cheryl’s is another leader in this categoryand luckily, one whose cookies can be delivered straight to your door. I’ve been nibbling on Cheryl’s cookies since college (my aunts loved to include them in care packages), and my love for the company’s treats has continued into adulthood. Even after testing a handful of cookie delivery services, Cheryl’s remains among my favorites.

What are Cheryl’s Cookies?

Cheryl’s Cookies is one of the brands, alongside Harry & David and 1-800-Baskets, and has been around for more than 40 years. Sugar cookies and buttercream frosting are its bread and buttercream (sorry, I had to), but Cheryl’s also sells brownies and cakes. These items are created to withstand nationwide shipping, but they can also be found at Cheryl’s various retail locations in Ohio.

The buttercream frosting that bolstered the brand is made of four simple ingredients: butter, vanilla, evaporated milk and confectioners’ sugar. Some special flavors include additions such as cinnamon, maple or peanut butter. The famous frosting is then slathered atop buttery cutout cookies, most of which are just circles, but some come in shapes to match the season or holiday. Think trees for Christmas or flowers for spring. Although these two components are certainly enough to make a knockout cookie, some varieties also have toppers like colorful sprinkles, teensy peanut butter cups or chopped nuts.

Customers can pick and choose which flavors they want with the choose-your-own option, or they can rely on the specially curated boxes of bestsellers or those for occasions such as holidays, anniversaries and housewarmings.


Editor’s Pick

Cheryl’s Cookies

Any celebration or special occasion calls for an assortment of Cheryl’s cookiestender cutouts topped with rich, delicious buttercream.

Why I Love Them

Historically, I’d only sampled the plain sugar cookie and buttercream combo, which I can’t compliment enough. Recently, I had the chance to revisit this old faithful of mine, as well as some other flavors.

I received the Bow Gift Box, as well as the Grand Merry Christmas Cutout Gift Tin. The former contained three varieties of plain sugar cookies with buttercream frosting dyed in different colors. Additionally, four of the sugar cookies were tree-shaped for extra festive flair. The latter boxa decorative green and red tin that read “Merry Christmas”included cookies in the following flavors: plain, maple, buckeye (i.e., peanut butter and chocolate), candy cane, devil’s food, salty caramel and butter pecan.

Now, I should make one thing clear. I don’t love Cheryl’s cookies for their appearance. The team does their bestthe frostings feature pretty colors, the toppings serve as cute embellishments, the cookie cutter shapes make things all the merrier, but ship happens. Because these cookies are so soft and tender (a pro!), they are susceptible to smooshing, breaking or cracking during the shipping process.

Soft & Sweet

What I do love the cookies for, however, is this aforementioned softness and sweetness. And now, I love them for their flavors, too. I was so impressed by how pronounced and true-to-life the flavors were, especially in the maple, butter pecan and candy cane cookies. The candy cane cookie reminded me of Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’sa holiday staple in my household. And the butter pecan cookie was reminiscent of the iconic ice cream flavor in the very best way. I’d have to say this nutty cookie was my top pick. I would’ve never guessed!

Trying all the flavors was such fun, and the decorative tin made up for the lack of Christmasy ingredients. Another thing I love about Cheryl’s is that the packaging so thoughtfully reflects the given occasion, whether it’s a birthday, game day or Thanksgiving. It’s what makes them such a great gift basket. I know this from my homesick college days when a care package would show up just in the nick of time.

If you’re looking for a cookie-of-the-month club, Cheryl’s truly stands out for its freshness, customization, variety and packaging. These cookies are the total packageliterally.


How fresh are Cheryl’s cookies?

Although it’s hard to know how far in advance the cookies are baked and prepared, each one arrives individually packaged in a plastic wrapper to promote freshness. The website also recommends that the recipient enjoy (or freeze) the cookies within four days of cookie delivery. I’ve personally never experienced anything but tender, fresh cookies from the company, but in the event that you do, it offers a 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

Why are Cheryl’s cookies so good?

You have to be the judge of thattough job, I know! In my opinion, the reason Cheryl’s has such a fanbase is primarily because of its buttercream and tender cookies. The luscious frosting hardens ever so slightly into somewhat of a crust, but once you bite into it, the smear melts in your mouth. And the cookies remain soft and buttery days after receipt, too. This long-lasting freshness is, in large part, thanks to the packaging. The cookies might come to your door in a cute, decorative tin box, but once you open it up, you’ll find each cookie is packed in its own clear plastic baggy. This might not make for the prettiest display, but it’s worth it to keep the cookies so good.

What kind of cookies are Cheryl’s cookies?

Cheryl’s most famous cookies are cutout sugar cookies with buttercream frosting of various flavors. Some examples: s’mores, maple, cookie dough, cinnamon roll, triple chocolate and Key lime. Additionally, Cheryl’s also sells unfrosted favorites such as oatmeal raisin, red velvet, snickerdoodle and classic chocolate chip. Not to mention the non-cookie offerings, such as cupcakes, crumb bars and brownies.

Where to Buy Cheryl’s Cookies


Editor’s Pick

Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies ship nationwide so you can nibble on the buttery, creamy goodness no matter where you live.

Grab an assortment of Cheryl’s Cookies from the website for your family, sweets-loving bestie and, of course, yourself. Boxes start at $20. There are cookies for every occasion on your calendar, but then again, we never needed an occasion to eat a cookie. Enjoy!

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