Tortilla Press (Tortilladora)

Ask any Mexican cook and they’ll tell you that homemade tortillas are the way to go. Learn how to make corn tortillas, and you’ll never go back to the store-bought kind. While you can always use a rolling pin, this authentic cast-iron tortilla press is specifically designed for tortilla making—and it’s one of the best Mexican cooking utensils you can buy.

Dona Savitsky—chef, cookbook author and restaurant owner of Doña Tomás in Oakland, California—shares this tip to help get you started: “Make sure to cut a square from a grocery store bag and use it on the tortilla press to keep the masa from sticking to it.” A reusable zip-top bag will do the trick, too.

Why it made our list: The enamel finish protects your press from stains and corrosion.

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