Martini Glass

If there’s one glass that comes to mind when you think of classic cocktails, it’s a martini glass. And with good reason. As with most types of cocktail glasses, its shape serves a purpose.

“Serving different cocktails in different glasses is important because they can truly enhance a drinking experience,” says mixologist Adam Way. “Presentation and appearance are affected by whatever vessel you decide to use. Certain glasses can bring out certain characteristics in cocktails, and using proper glassware shows you care.”

Martini glasses are entirely essential to any bar, and they’re perfect for cocktails served straight up. The long stem and cone shape both play a role in controlling temperature, while the wide mouth enhances aroma with each sip. Of course, this is the perfect vessel for shaken or stirred martinis but it’s also great for cosmopolitans and lemon drops, as well as decadent chocolate espresso martinis.

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