I’ve been an Aldi shopper since before I bought my own groceries, following my mom around the store picking up cheese and European chocolate. (You know, to eat in the car before we even made it home.) By senior year of college, my friends and I started having potluck Friendsgivings, and the $3 Winking Owl wine came in handy.

Years post-grad, being able to spend more than $3 on wine doesn’t mean I want to break the bank on nicer bottles. Before get-togethers with friends, I used to panic in the wine aisle poring over labels, reading all the flavor profiles and checking the price tags only to end up with my go-to cabernet or sauv blanc anyway.

I started drinking Aldi wine because having 10 higher-end wines to choose from rather than 10 full aisles is so much less daunting. It’s easier to branch out beyond my favorites, toobecause why not try a good Ctes de Provence ros?

Here are the wines I love at Aldi for fall and winter gatherings, plus a few I’ll keep on hand year round for dinner at home and date nights in.

10 Bottles of Aldi Wine I Love (and You Should, Too)

While I’m not hosting any holiday parties this year, I’m definitely bringing these to Friendsgiving and helping my family stock the bar for Christmasnot to mention restocking my own bar cart to sip throughout the holidays while I decorate my tree and bake my Christmas cookies.

Let’s pop the Prosecco, decant the cabernet and add some Aldi bottles to your wine refrigerator.

Rioja Reserva, Spain

The Rioja Reserva ($8.99) from Spain offers hints of cherry, blackcurrant and vanilla in this red wine that almost feels spiced. It goes through 30 months of aging in an oak barrel and, because it’s a younger red, is best served a little cooler than room temperature.

Pairs well with:Beef tenderloin, lamb chops and hearty casseroles.

Barossa Valley Shiraz, Australia

Shiraz grapes are the specialty in Australia’s Barossa Valley, and this full-bodied red wine ($9.99) lives up to its expectations. With hints of spiced plum and blueberries, this would be an excellent wine to bring to a holiday feast or a charcuterie-style dinner, as it’s a great cheese-pairing wine. To note: Aldi’s Barossa Valley Shiraz has a screw top, so no worries if the wine opener is nowhere to be found.

Pairs well with:Red meats and various cheeses

Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Italy

A DOCG label on an Italian wine means it’s been awarded the highest classification of Italian wines, so Aldi went above and beyond with this Prosecco ($10.99). Since sparkling wines are always a show-stopper for holiday cocktails, this Prosecco Superiore from Italy’s Valdobbiadene region will earn rave reviews. It’s definitely up there with our other top Prosecco picks.

Pairs well with:Fresh fruits, crisp salads and mild cheeses

Sparkling Brut Ros, France

Best served chilled, you’ll want to remember to pop this sparkling brut ros ($10.99) in the fridge 20 minutes before serving. Better yet, because it comes in such a beautifully engraved bottle, you can chill it in an ice bucket on your buffet for all your guests to see. A product of France, this sparkling rose wine is on the drier side and incredibly smooth.

Pairs well with:Creamy risotto or light appetizers

Ice wine, Canada

If you’ve never tried ice wine before, or you have had it and just don’t want to spend the money on the typically expensive wine, Aldi’s lower-pricebut not lower-qualityice wine from Canada ($14.99) gives you the perfect excuse to buy a bottle. It’s sold in bottles half the size of typical wine bottles because of the difficult fermentation process and lower yield. The grapes from the frozen vines create a sweet dessert wine that will delight your partygoers.

Pairs well with:Delicate, fruit-based desserts

Uco Valley Malbec, Argentina

If you enjoy a Rioja, you’ll probably enjoy the velvety blend of black cherry and spices in this Malbec too ($7.99). Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina is like the Napa Valley of California. Just like you know you’ll get good cabernet sauvignon in Napa Valley, you’ll get a rich Malbec from Uco Valley.

Pairs well with:Grilled meats and hearty pastas

Alto Adige Pinot Grigio, Italy

Another option from Italy, but this time a pinot grigio from the Alto Adige region, this floral white wine ($9.99) offers crisp, easy sipping for everyone from novice wine connoisseurs to those with a more developed palate. It’s on the drier side and the flavors will become more enhanced when served chilled.

Pairs well with:Pastas in cream sauces, fish, lighter chicken dinners and mild cheeses

Ctes de Provence Ros, France

The ros fans shopping for Aldi wines will be happy to know that there are two options for them in the Specially Selected range. Though both ross originate from France, this one from the Ctes de Provence region ($9.99) is a classic rose wine rather than sparkling. It has hints of fresh florals, citrus and marshmallow.

Pairs well with:Salmon, lamb and soft cheeses like burrata recipes

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

If you enjoy other sauvignon blancs from New Zealand’s Marlborough region, you’re certain to enjoy this one ($9.99). Best served chilled, you’ll want to place it in the fridge for 20 minutes before pouring so guests can experience the full flavors in this tropical fruit-forward white wine. Another bonus is that it’s a screw top bottle rather than a cork, making it an easy picnic wine if you decide to stock up beyond the holidays.

Pairs well with:Summery salads, seafood dinners and light vegetable dishes

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, California

After all these wines from around the world, we can’t forget about our own Napa Valley in the U.S. A classic cabernet sauvignon aged for 14 months in French oak, this is a full-bodied wine you’ll want on the Thanksgiving and Christmas table ($14.99). It has hints of blackcurrant like Spain’s Rioja, but it’s more velvety and has hints of chocolate rather than spices.

Pairs well with:Beef, poultry and pastas in red sauces

Where to Buy Aldi Wine

You can find Aldi wines at Aldi, of course. But only certain locations sell alcohol and will have wine in stock. You should check with your local Aldi to see if they carry alcohol. Further, the first five wines on our list above are only available this fall and winter, while the five at the end of the list are available year round.

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